keywords: Substance Painter, smart material, rust weathering metal

Metal Smart Material - painted metal (7) - substance painter | Matfx rust weathering

1, Import mesh asset and bake mesh maps.

2, Add 1st fill layer, and set Base color, Roughness and Metallic.

3, Add 2nd fill layer and named Cobweb, then set Base color, Roughness and Metallic.

4, Add black mask under layer Cobweb, then add Fill effect in it.

set gravscale texture.

5, Add 3rd fill layer named Edge wear.

set Base color, Roughness and Metallic.

6, Add black mask under layer Edge wear, then add Generator effect in it.

tweak parameters.

7, Add group named Base Material for these 3 fill layers.

8, Add 4th fill layer named Dirt.

tweak parameters.

9, Add filter effect in fill layer Dirt.

set parameters.

10, Add black master under fill layer Dirt, and add Generator effect.

tweak parameters.
Change blend mode as Linear dodge (Add).

11, Duplicate the previous Generator.

Change blend mode as Subtract.
Change weights as 60.
tweak parameters of the duplicated Generator.
add another Generator for Curvature, and set weights as 31.
tweak parameters.

12, Add layer and name as Matfx.

add filter under Matfx.
tweak parameters.

13, Add black mask under Matfx, and add Fill effect.

tweak parameters.
add Generator for Curvature, and set blend mode as Multiply, and set weights as 39.
tweak parameters.

14, Duplicate the Edge wear and named Edge wear 2.

set weights of fill layer as 65.
set weights of generator as 95.
and tweak parameters of Metal Edge Wear generator.

15, Add the last layer for Sharpen.

add filter effect.
Final effect:
Structure of all layers and effects:

Rendering result

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