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Damage Edges with Substance Painter Filters | 3DMegaverse

1, Import a plane asset.

2, Add a fill layer.

3, Select height channel only.

Set Partten Type as Square, and set Scale as 0.95:

4, Add a filter effect.

Set Filter as Blur Slope:
Then you can modify Intensity, Intensity Divider and Quality to tweak effect.

5, You can also use noise texture.

Set Source Type as Custom Noise:

6, If you see the plane from horizonal direction, you will find that plane is flat.

This is because the plane is low subdivision.
We can modify tessellation by setting Scale of Displacement and Subdivision Count of Tessellation.

7, Add anchor point in fill layer.

Set Anchor point name as Height Layer.

8, Add second fill layer.

Fill with Concrete Bare material.

9, Add black mask in fill layer:

Then add fill effect.
Set grayscale as Height Layer.
Set Referenced channel as Height.

10, Duplicate (Ctrl + D) the second fill layer.

Select black mask and right click Invert mask.
Select fill layer and change material as Concrete Smooth:

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