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Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 12 (March, 2016)
Sample code for the book “Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 12”


DirectX-Specs. This repository publishes the engineering specs for a number of DirectX features. (Recommended)

利用DirectX 12的底层特性大幅度提高渲染效率

Practical DirectX 12 - Programming Model and Hardware Capabilities

DX12 Do’s And Don’ts

Profiling & Tracing

A Windows console tool that prints all the information about the GPU extracted using DXGI and Direct3D 12


Easy to integrate memory allocation library for Direct3D 12

D3D12 GPU Upload Heaps. Enables Simultaneous Access to VRAM for CPU and GPU.


Custom renderer and physics engine written from scratch in C++/Direct3D 12.

DirectX 12 Renderer. Pillars of the architecture are Bindless Resources and Render Graph.

A physically-based real-time renderer in Direct3D 12 (with an emphasis on ray tracing)

Barriers and Fences

D3D12 Barriers and Fences

D3D12 Features

Different from Vulkan

What’s the main difference of pipeline process between Vulkan and DX12?

Pipeline State (PSO)

The D3D12 Pipeline State Object

GWG (GPU Work Graphs)

GPU Work Graphs in Microsoft DirectX® 12

D3D12 Work Graphs Preview

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