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How to switch preview channel (Base color, roughness, normal)?
C: Single channel.(Shift + C to switch in reverse direction)
B: Mesh maps.(Shift + B to switch in reverse direction)
M: Material.

How to switch model view and UV view layout?
F1: Display model view and UV view at the same time.
F2: Display model view only.
F3: Display UV view only.

How to change the direction of light in viewport?
Shift + Right click drag.

How to change environment light of viewport?
Window -> Views -> Display Settings -> Environment Settings -> Environment Map.

How to change tone mapping (gamma) of viewport lighting?
Window -> Views -> Display Settings -> Camera Settings -> Turn on Active Post Effects -> Turn on Tone Mapping.


How to switch rendering (Iray) mode?
F9: Painting.
F10: Rendering.



Edge wear / curvature map not working on mesh after baking. Solution:
Turn off Auto Tonemapping and adjust Tonemapping Min and Tonemapping Max base your curvature map.



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