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Camera Follow Path and Look At (Tracking)

Camera Follow Path and Look At | Houdini 19.5

1, Create a primitive for testing.

2, Create a camera.

You will see a red frame in viewport. Don’t move view, keep current camera transfrom, otherwise there’s an issue in animation later.

3, Create Constraints Network node.

Then create Look At node and Object: Constraints node, and set the Target of Object: Constraints as previous geometry.

4, Create a circle for following path.

5, Then add Follow Path node in Constraints Network.

Then Alt + Left click Position.
Now the input box goes green.
Then drag the animation frame to the ending frame.
Now the input box goes cyan.
Then drag the slider of Position to the ending value.
Then Alt + Left click again.
Then the input box goes green again.

6, Switch to Animation Editor.

Select the Position channel and straighten the curve to smooth the rotating speed of toy.

7, Select Follow Path node and set the SOP as path which was created previously.

Click the orange cell of Look At node to active looking of camera.
Now you can play animation, and camera would move around the toy and look at it.
You can also adjust the transform of path to tweak the camera view.

Download hip project file:


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