keywords: Graphics, Ambient Occlusion, Rendering


SSAO vs. HBAO vs. HDAO - What’s the real difference?

Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion Plus (HBAO+)


Dynamic Occlusion with Signed Distance Fields

Ambient Occlusion

Deinterleaved Texturing for Cache-Efficient Interleaved Sampling


Fast Image-Based Ambient Occlusion (IBAO)

A Fast Ambient Occlusion Method for Real-Time Plant Rendering

Two Methods for Fast Ray-Cast Ambient Occlusion

Realistic Ambient Occlusion In Real-Time

Ambient Occlusion and Edge Cueing to Enhance Real Time Molecular Visualization

Local Ambient Occlusion in Direct Volume Rendering

Efficient Screen-Space Approach to High-Quality Multi-Scale Ambient Occlusion

A Corner-Highlighting Method for Ambient Occlusion (Recommended)

Practical Realtime Strategies for Accurate Indirect Occlusion


optimized screen-space ambient occlusion, cache-aware hbao.

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