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Vector Fields

Create and Visualize Vector Fields | Houdini for the New User

Particle Advection by custom vector field | Custom Velocity | Houdini Tutorial

Blog: Vector Field

Point Force Field

Houdini Tutorial: Breaking Glue with Forces

Control How Glue Constraints Break in Destruction Simulations in Houdini (Rigid Body Dynamics RBD)

Houdini 18 - Building Destruction - RBD Bullet Solver (Recommended)

Volume Sourcing

Houdini 1/4: Velocity for FLIP/Pyro from Particle/Volume Sourcing - “OVERVIEW”

Tangent Field

Houdini 19.5 Tangent Field as velocity field

New In Houdini 19.5 Pt.1: Tangent Fields (And a Bit of VEX)

Unreal Engine

Houdini Vector Field to UE4

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