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Basic Notes

How to change point position:
Run Over: Points.

vector pos = @P;
if(pos.x < -3.5)
    @P = set(@P.x, @P.y + 5, @P.z);

How to remove primitive:
Run Over: Primitives.

if(@Frame > 5 && @P.z >10)
    removeprim(0, @primnum, 1);

How to add and set customized variables for points, vertices or primitives.

//add and set
i@my_var = 1;
printf("%d\n", i@my_var);


Using VEX expressions

Parameter expressions

Popular Built-in VEX Attributes (Global Variables)


【Houdini】 表达式与VEX变量

VEX Attribute Glossary

Houdini: Remove Outside Pieces Using Python

Personal Notes (Tricks)

Killian Timsit

VEX for artists

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