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Sea & Wave (Water)

VFX Studio Oriented / Masters of The Sea

Waterfall Effects

FLIP Simulation Collisions with Complex Geometry in Houdini

Houdini Tutorial: Add velocity to FLIP fluids (only once or over time)

Houdini Hip File | Shoal and Wave | VFX Grace

Ocean Boat | H19.5

High Quality Water in Unreal Engine 5 via Alembic Caches | Part One (Recommended)
High Quality Water in Unreal Engine 5 via Alembic & Houdini | Part Two | Whitewater


Houdini Tutorial | Realistic Dynamic Clouds


Houdini Hip File | Tornado | VFX Grace


Intro to Smoke Simulation (Recommended)

Fire and Smoke Ring Effect in Houdini - Simulation | Pro Houdini Tutorial (Recommended)

Houdini Elements - Smoke. Simulating real world phenomenon in Houdini (Recommended)

Ship Landing Fx | Houdini Fx | Houdini Zone |

Smoke and Sparks in Houdini | Basic Houdini Tutorial

Houdini for Beginners - 006 - TIMJ - Smoke

Pyro for Beginners: Smoke Emitters in Houdini

Introduction to smoke simulation - 1A - Basic Setup

Creating Smoke from scratch in Houdini

Gasoline Fire Tutorial - Houdini - Axiom - Karma - Aftereffects

Production Setup Walkthrough: Color Dust Explosion

Liquid Splashes (Blood)

Houdini Adventure - Control Liquid Splashes (Custom Velocity) (Recommended)

Simulating Blood Splatters in Houdini

Boiling Blood in Houdini Tutorial

UE4 VFX For Games - How to create blood textures, shaders and particles!

Efficient techniques for realistic small scale Tendrils, Droplets and Sheets in Houdini


FXGURU – Pulverizing Character Effect (Recommended)


Pyro FX in Houdini Tutorial , Part 02 | Shockwave,Trail Explosion | For Beginner

Houdini Tutorial | Chalky Colorful Explosion

Houdini for Absolute Beginners

Explosion FX in Houdini | Week 1 Lessons from a Pro FX Artist (Recommended)

Ink Simulation

LMS - Houdini VFX - Ink Simulation - Pyro Advection

Cigarette Smoke - Houdini 19


Morph Objects into Other Objects in Houdini

Cube Maps - Houdini For MoGraph Ep0015

Volume Advection

Volume Advection Part I: VDB Theory
Volume Advection Part II: Basic Setup
Volume Advection Part III: Shaping Advection


Looping Grains Teaser


Welcome To Niagara Fluids

Realtime FX with Niagara | UE4

UE4 - Six Point Lighting Material (Expand Your World With Volumetric Effects) (Recommended)


Soft Body Simulation

Houdini Flip - Chocolate Tutorial

Houdini Smoke Trail | Unreal Engine (Recommended)

Houdini Dust Interaction

Houdini Metal Bending

Magical Shield FX in Houdini. Shield and Particle attack VFX.

Nick Medukha



Houdini: Reduce rendertime by simulating fire and smoke in DIFFERENT resolutions

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