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How to’s

How to adjust (tweak) UV layout
  1. Set view mode as UV View in the top-right of viewport.
  2. Select Show Handle in the left of viewport. Then you can edit UV layout.


Do not include the vertex attribute “uv2”

Vertex Animation Textures node rendering error:

Do not include the vertex attribute "uv2", "uv3", or "uv4" for Rigid-Body Dynamics (Rigid) mode. They will be overwritten.

Delete others UV shell, keep only one UV shell.

If don’t want to delete uv in Houdini, you need to delete others UV channel (e.g. LightMap) in Maya.

If the asset has more than two UV channels:

You also need to delete others UV channels, keep only one UV channel:
The mapping relationship between Maya and Unreal Engine:

No angular velocity attribute “w” is found on the input geometry

Vertex Animation Textures baking error:

Error: Rotation Interpolation is set to "Accurate Multi-RPF Slerp with Angular Velocity" but no angular velocity attribute "w" is found on the input geometry. Make sure "w" is included in the simulation output attributes and that "w" is transferred to points.
Rigid-Body Dynamics (Rigid) mode expects the point attributes "pivot" and "orient" on packed points but at least one of them is not found on the input geometry.. 

It’s an issue of version 19.5.
Make sure that UV layout was placed after UV Flatten:

and make sure there’s only one UV set (UV channel) in your primitive.


Youtube Tutorials

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