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RBD = Debris + Dust + Smoke

Example: Houdini Wall Crack

How to cache simulation data
How to clean RBD simulation cache


Comprehensive Destruction

Houdini Crack Effect
Houdini Crack Effect ( Hip File )
CGCircuit Houdini Crack Effect

Rebelway: Ground Impact in Houdini Tutorial (Series Part 1) (Recommended)

Ground Breaking Interaction

Applied Houdini - Rigids V. A string of dynamic laser blasts! (Series Part 1) (Recommended)

Houdini Bullet Physics Tips (Recommended)

RBD Workflows in Houdini (Recommended)

RBD Material Fracture

RBD Material Fracture

New RBD Workflow Tools in Houdini 18 | Nick Petit | SIGGRAPH Asia 2019

RBD Tools Update | H17 Masterclass (UVing & texture mapping)

UVing and Adding Materials to a Fractured Object in Houdini

Houdini | RBD Material Fracture Geometry Node

Let’s Learn Houdini : Destruction with RBD Material Fracture, RBD Configure and RBD Bullet Solver


Fracturing Geometry by Material Types with RBD Tools in Houdini
Interior Detail & Noise Displacement using RBD Tools in Houdini

Houdini ground destruction tutorial (Recommended)

ground destruction

Houdini Ground Fracture RBD Tutorial

Houdini fracturing debris smoke

Destruction + Explosion FX (Recommended)

Rigid Body Destruction // Part 1/3: RBD Bullet Solver in Houdini 18

Voronoi Fracture

New in Houdini 18: RBD SOP Solver - Custom Fracturing

Houdini 16 - Stylized Fracturing - Part 001

Houdini Dynamic Voronoi splitting tutorial

Real-time destruction with Houdini and Unreal || Tutorial
Real-time destruction with Houdini and Unreal || Tutorial Part 02

Voronoi and Boolean

VFX Essentials - Fracture Setups - Houdini Tutorial
Fracture Setups - Houdini File

[Houdini Snippet] Convert curved Voronoi edge to straight line

VAT Baking

Vertex Animation Textures in Unreal (Recommended)


Destruction fx for realtime (Vertex Animation Texture in Unreal) (Recommended)

VAT Paintsplat! | Andreas Glad | Houdini for Games (Unreal Engine, UE4)

Pre-Baked Destruction in Unreal Engine || Houdini Tutorial

Lightning Strike FX (Recommended)

Houdini RBD II - Ground Destruction | Unreal Engine 5.1 (Recommended)

Destruction Glue Constraints

Destruction Glue Constraints for Beginners in Houdini (Recommended)

Building Constraint Networks For Rigid Body Simulations

Houdini Tutorial: Breaking Glue with Forces

How to Break a Wall in 3D | Colliding with poly mesh (Recommended)

Wall Destruction Tutorial (Recommended)
Houdini Wall Destruction

Control Destruction with Force Fields in Houdini Simulations | Spherical Vector Field (Recommended)

Hard constraint R&D (HIP file included) (Recommended)

BoomBox and BustDuster Bundle - Houdini HDA (Recommended)


Applied Houdini - Particles IV. Large particle sims of physical object instances!

Animated Fracturing

Houdini - fracturing animated object

Using Animated Objects in the RBD Bullet Solver in Houdini

Unreal Houdini Engine

How do I assign my HDA with multiple material elements for Unreal to see?

How to Realtime - VFX / Sphere Break TUTORIAL PART 1 using Houdini and Unreal engine (bake RBD to skeletal mesh)


Destruction (debris, dust, smoke)

Destruction of a brick wall, Houdini 19 + hip file, Redshift 3 render. (Recommended)

Houdini Crack Effect (Recommended)

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