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Real-time subsurface scattering with single pass variance-guided adaptive importance sampling (Recommended)

Reflection from Layered Surfaces due to Subsurface Scattering

Documents & Blogs

GPU Gems 3. Chapter 14. Advanced Techniques for Realistic Real-Time Skin Rendering

An Introduction To Real-Time Subsurface Scattering


Approximating Translucency for a Fast, Cheap and Convincing Subsurface-Scattering Look - GDC 2011 (Colin Barre-Brisebois)

Efficient screen space subsurface scattering

Subsurface Scattering in the Unreal Forward Renderer


Subsurface Scattering Test - U-RENDER

Vulkan implementations of Subsurface Scattering and Ambient Occlusion

UE4 mobile SSS: this pack includes the materials of lightweight approximation to subsurface scattering effects, which is suitable for mobile devices.
EzJadeXSSS: Light-Weight Subsurface Scattering Materials

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