keywords: Graphics, Planetary Terrain, Seamless Sphere, Planet Rendering, Cubemap


Real-Time Rendering of Procedurally Generated Planets

Large Terrain Modeling and Visualization for Planets

Real-Time Rendering of Planets with Atmospheres

Conveying a Sense of Scale in 3D Planetary Environments


Adaptive streaming and rendering of large terrains

3D Planetary Engine

Realtime 3D Game-Engine with a focus on space sim. Written in C++ 14

Outerra Engine


GPU atmosphertic scattering and planet generation in Unity 3D

Planet Rendering: Adaptive Spherical Level of Detail based on Triangle Subdivision

Methods to create a sphere mesh

TOZ Planet Renderer

Unity QuadSphere with Level of Detail subdivision

A collection of GLSL noise functions for use with WebGL with an easy to use API.


Planet Generator – Version 0


Eric Bruneton

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