Keywords: Graphics, Volumetric Rendering, Voxel, Voxelization


Horizon:Zero Dawn Cloud System


The Real-time Volumetric Cloudscapes of Horizon:Zero Dawn

Real-time rendering of volumetric clouds

Real-Time Volumetric Rendering

Stormscapes: Simulating Cloud Dynamics in the Now

A Voxel Generator Based on Autoencoder

Source & Examples

Source & Examples - Fragments

A collection of HLSL functions one can include to use spherical harmonics in shaders. This repository can be simply be used as a submodule.

An OpenGL sample that demonstrates Volumetric Lighting using a frustum-aligned voxel grid and compute shaders.

A basic Volume Renderer mainly for Medical Images like CT-Scans and MRI Images

An OpenGL sample that implements volumetric clouds using ray marching and compute shaders.

Source & Examples - Voxel

Cubiquity is an experimental micro-voxel engine written in C++ and released into the public domain.

A simple voxel engine written from the ground up in C++ and OpenGL

Handmade voxel engine

A Lightweight Mesh Voxelization Library with OpenGL Geometry Shader

Source & Examples - Quadmesh (Billboard)

Fluffy stylized trees tutorial, using quadmesh-to-billboards shader in Unity

Quadmesh Billboard Foliage - Houdini to Unreal

Fluffy Material for UE5 - Quadmesh to Billboards (Recommended)

Realistic smoke lighting with 6-way lighting (Explosion) in VFX Graph (Recommended)


Assets - Fragments

Expanse - Volumetric Skies, Clouds, and Atmospheres in HDRP

An extensive tool to control dynamic time of day and weather settings using realistic volumetric clouds and atmosphere.

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