Keywords: graphics, procedural texture, image compression, texture formats, BC1, BC2, BC5, BC6H, BC7


Procedural Texturing

Understanding BCn Texture Compression Formats

Linear-Space Lighting (i.e. Gamma)

Gamma-correct rendering


Procedural texture

Texture Block Compression in Direct3D 11

Chapter 24. The Importance of Being Linear

Tools & Frameworks

Procedural Textures - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals

Basis Universal is a “supercompressed” GPU texture compression system that outputs a highly compressed intermediate file format (.basis) that can be quickly transcoded to a very wide variety of GPU compressed and uncompressed pixel formats: ASTC 4x4 L/LA/RGB/RGBA, PVRTC1 4bpp RGB/RGBA, PVRTC2 RGB/RGBA, BC7 mode 6 RGB, BC7 mode 5 RGB/RGBA, BC1-5 RGB/RGBA/X/XY, ETC1 RGB, ETC2 RGBA, ATC RGB/RGBA, ETC2 EAC R11 and RG11, FXT1 RGB, and uncompressed raster image formats 8888/565/4444.

The “Quite OK Image” format for fast, lossless image compression.(High Performance)
Quite OK Image format encoder/decoder written in Zig

Super fast C++ .PNG writer

PNG encoder and decoder in C and C++.

SimpleJPEG: simple jpeg encoder

Super fast C++ .PNG writer/reader

JPEG XL image format reference implementation

Cross Platform Professional Procedural Terrain Generation & Texturing Tool

DirectXTex texture processing library

Examples & Demos

2D and 3D Procedural Textures in WebGL

Fragements Notes

Noise Generation

The Importance of Being Noisy: Fast, High Quality Noise

Tileable Noise

How do you generate tileable Perlin noise?

Seamless noise generation on cubemap

Quickly generate procedural 3D space scenes in your browser with WebGL (Planet)

Fast procedural 2D space scene generation on the GPU. (Planet)

Source code for the MapToGlobe website (Planet)

Create procedural planet globes

Converting a Cubemap into Equirectangular Panorama

Cube Mapping (cubemap, skybox)

How would I go about making a good Space Skybox?

Wave Function Collapse

Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics

Wave Function Collapse library in C, plus a command-line tool

Interpolating between two textures

Opengl Shader : Interpolating between two textures


Blending in Detail

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