Keywords: Math, point to line, perpendicular distance

Known location of points A, B and C, calculate the shortest distance (perpendicular distance) of point A and line BC.


double computeDistance(vec3 A, vec3 B, vec3 C) 
    vec3 d = (C - B) / C.distance(B);
    vec3 v = A - B;
    double t =;
    vec3 P = B + t * d;
    return P.distance(A);


Unreal Math API

| means dot product.

 * Returns closest point on a segment to a given point.
 * The idea is to project point on line formed by segment.
 * Then we see if the closest point on the line is outside of segment or inside.
 * @param   Point           point for which we find the closest point on the segment
 * @param   StartPoint      StartPoint of segment
 * @param   EndPoint        EndPoint of segment
 * @return  point on the segment defined by (StartPoint, EndPoint) that is closest to Point.
FVector FMath::ClosestPointOnSegment(const FVector &Point, const FVector &StartPoint, const FVector &EndPoint)
    const FVector Segment = EndPoint - StartPoint;
    const FVector VectToPoint = Point - StartPoint;

    // See if closest point is before StartPoint
    const float Dot1 = VectToPoint | Segment;
    if( Dot1 <= 0 )
        return StartPoint;

    // See if closest point is beyond EndPoint
    const float Dot2 = Segment | Segment;
    if( Dot2 <= Dot1 )
        return EndPoint;

    // Closest Point is within segment
    return StartPoint + Segment * (Dot1 / Dot2);

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