Keyworks: UE4, Landscape, Editor

Landscape Mode Usage

How to apply material to Landscape

1, Switch to Landscape Mode in Level Editor, and click Create to new a Landscape in Editor.

2, Select your material which was used for Landscape Foliage Generating.

3, Select Landscape in World Outliner panel, then set Landscape Material in it’s Details panel.

4, The result when Landscape Foliage Generating finished.

Reference: Painting Landscape Materials

Landscape Material

Landscape Auto Material

Get Started With LAM for UE4


STF3D - Landscape Pro v2.0

Landscape Pro 2.0 Auto-Generated Material
STF3D - Landscape Pro v2.0 Full Procedural Foliage Placement
STF3D - Landscape Pro v2.0 Getting Started

Offical Docs

Landscape Quick Start Guide

Landscape Materials

Unreal Engine Open World Preview and Landscape Tools | Unreal Dev Days 2019 | Unreal Engine

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