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Milan Records is a record label located in Los Angeles, California specializing in film scores and soundtrack albums.

W.O.W Sound


Sound Response

The Indie Devs Nation

405 Music LLC

Frequently Asked Music

Cafofo Music

ESM Team

music & sound effects for filmmakers

Gravity Sound provides premium sound effects and music for video games, videos, film and more.

Will Elfer

Nemisindo - Prodedural Sound Effects

Epikton Music

Magic Sound Effects

Game SFX


Mega Game Music Collection

Massive Game Music Collection

Colossal Game Music Collection

OUTLAND Places SFX: Orgallone (Beyond our borders, the territory of Orgallone. Where we captured soundscapes to build this unique collection.)

Minimal Orchestral, from the creator of Ultimate Game Music, Minimal Orchestral. A collection of 33 uniquely subtle orchestral compositions for building musical atmosphere in games.

Ultimate Library Music 2

Amppitune Chronicles Pro - Evolving Music Collection

Everything Bundle SFX

Ultimate SFX Collection 2022! High quality SFX collection, suitable for any project!

DARK FANTASY BOSS BATTLES - Premium Quality orchestral pieces for your Dark Fantasy Game World - performed by award-winning musicians. Rich instrumentation, unique and memorable themes – all you need to give your project an AAA budget production feel.


Emotional Fantasy Music | W.O.W Sound

Forgotten Horizons Fantasy Music

Cinemtaic Trailer and Intro Music Pack

Fantasy/RPG Music Pack


Kingdom of Light Premium Edition

Adventure Music Pack 1


Survival Game Sounds


Ultimate Horror Game SFX Bundle. A ready-made sound effects bundle for horror genre projects, containing 53 packages and 9,416 sounds, including a wide variety of creatures and monsters, blood and flesh sounds, cinematic sounds, horror game sounds, ambient soundscapes.


Crafted SFX Vol.1

Electro Action Music Vol.1

Nemisindo Action Pack, Procedural sound effects classes for popular action sounds: Explosions, Guns, Helicopters, Jets, Propellers, Rockets, Sirens, and more. 90 presets included.

Casual Action

Casual Action Run and Jump

Cartoon Action Music Pack

Alibi Orange - Casual Cozy

Hybrid Action Music Pack. Collection of 13 hybrid action music tracks.

Cyberpunk Action Music Pack. A collection of 10 Cyberpunk Action Music tracks.

Sci-fi & Cyberpunk

Crafted SFX Vol.1

Electro Action Music Vol.1

Hybrid Trailer

Robotic Sci-Fi Sounds

Electric Punk Vol.1 - Cyberpunk Game Soundtrack

SYNTHWAVE 001 Cyberpunk 80s Soundtrack Music

Sound Response
Interface Sounds, Computer Beeps, Data Processing
Signal Interferences, Radio Transmission Noises and Glitches
Interface Sounds, Futuristic Computer Beeps, Bleeps & Buttons
Whooshes, Transitions & Pass By Sound Effects
Thriller Whooshes & Transitions

StarTracks - Sci-Fi Game Soundtrack

Sci-Fi World Guardians

Sci-Fi Worlds Universe


Apocalyptic Game

Industrial Style

Dark Drones, Dark Ambiences, Horror Soundscapes


Hustle And Flow - Gangster Game Soundtrack


Human Vocalizations


Disturbed Creature

Monster Screams

Orc Voice Pack

Game Character Giant SFX


Magic Sound FX Pack 1

Magic Spells Sound Effects Pack

Gun Sound

Gun Sound Pack

Futuristic Weapons Sound FX Vol. 1

Futuristic Weapons Sound FX Vol. 2

Weapons SFX: Sniper Shots + Reload



Shooter FX. Weapon FX system with impacts, explosions and more. Ricochet on hard surfaces. Ready to use on multiplayer projects




Pass:By - Trains, Trucks and Cars

Battle Arena

Battle Arena Music Pack

Battle Trailers Music Pack


Electronic Music Pack

Eternity Time Warped - Electro IDM Music

Electronic Abstract Music Pack


Ambient - Volume 1

Acoustic - Volume 1

NPALL Iceland Ambience Bundle

Dreamy Drones Ambience Series

StarTracks - Sci-Fi Game Soundtrack

Hustle And Flow - Gangster Game Soundtrack

Dramatic Background Music Pack


Dreamy Drones Ambience Series


Dance Vol.1

Japanese Anime

Japanese Anime Voices Female Character Series Vol.1

Japanese Anime Voices Female Character Series Vol.2

Japanese Anime Voices Female Character Series Vol.3


Objects Destruction Impacts SFX

Bombs, Missile Impacts, Debris


Forest Sounds

Nemisindo Nature Pack. Synthesise various nature sounds in real-time, with dynamic, customisable parameters.

Advertising & Film

Music for Advertising & Film hits some of the most sought after & popular music marketing genres like: Indie Rock, Electro Pop, Hipster Folk, Southern Country, Alternative Rock as well as other trending modern genres in film & advertising.

User Interface Sound

User Interaction SFX Pack. A modern collection of professionally produced high-quality user interface sounds for your game.