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Post Process Materials

Stylized Rendering Post Processing

Post Processing Content Examples

1.2 - ShadingModel

Post Processing Content Examples

Rendering Overview

Post Process Effects

The properties of Post Process Volume

youtube Tutorials

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Issue on mobile devices

There’s is a issue at building project for Android:
When add a Material in Post Process Materials of Post Process Volume, it worked fine on desktop, but a material would shadow camera fully.
This issue was caused by some Material Expression which not support on mobile devices.



  1. Project Settings -> Engine -> Rendering -> Postprocessing -> set Custom Depth-Stencil Pass to Enabled with Stencil

  2. Add Post Process Volume in Level, Edit properties in Detail Panel -> Post Process Materials -> Array -> Add Asset Reference and set a material of outliner.

  3. Select target mesh in Level Editor, Edit properties in Detail Panel -> Override Materials -> enable Render CustomDepth Pass, and set value of CustomDepth Stencil Value as the material provide.


if (MyMeshComponent)


Enable Alpha Channel support in Post Process

Project Settings -> Engine -> Rendering -> Postprocessing -> Enable alpha channel support in post processing.

How to Disable Auto Exposure (Eye Adaptation)

Project Settings -> Engine -> Rendering -> Default PostProcessing Settings -> Uncheck Auto Exposure.

UE4 Quick Tip #04: How to Disable Auto Exposure (Eye Adaptation) From Your Scene Tutorial