keywords: Occlusion Culling, 遮挡剔除, 场景优化, Scene Optimization Working principle of Occlusion Culling Unreal Engine 4 uses an automatic process for culling that uses Scene Depth and the bounds of an object. When using the Wireframe viewmode, this is not a good method for testing if an object is occluded in UE4. You can use the (Editor only) console command r.visualizeOccludedPrimitives 1 to view the occluded objects. This will render a green bounds box for any objects that are occluded.

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keywords: UGameplayStatics, GameplayStatics Parameter WorldContextObject must be an UObject that can get UWorld, otherwise the following gameplay’s functions would not work. /** * Counts how many grass foliage instances overlap a given sphere. * * @param Mesh The static mesh we are interested in counting. * @param CenterPosition The center position of the sphere. * @param Radius The radius of the sphere. * * @return Number of foliage instances with their mesh set to Mesh that overlap the sphere.

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