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Render Dependency Graph, An immediate-mode API which records render commands into a graph data structure to be compiled and executed.
RDG Insights Plugin

Rendering Dependency Graph

RDG Insights, Quick Start Guide - PDF

RDG 101: A Crash Course (PPT)

UE5 Render Dependency Graph-实用指南

Implement a single Static Mesh renderer with your own mesh path

How to debug RDG (inspect the detail of GPU crash and CPU overhead)


; Uncomment to get render graph executing passes as they get created to easily debug crashes caused by pass wiring logic.
; Uncomment to get render graph to emit warnings for inneficiencies that are normally too CPU costly, and have draw event names
; formatting even if frame are not emiting draw events.
How to profile RDG

Insights command:

MyGameSample\Binaries\Win64\MyGameSample.exe -trace=default,rdg

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