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Differences in memory management between Direct3D 12 and Vulkan
Untangling Direct3D 12 Memory Heap Types and Pools
Vulkan Memory Types on PC and How to Use Them
Untangling Direct3D 12 Memory Heap Types and Pools

D3D12 GPU Upload Heaps

GPU Memory Pools in D3D12

Memory Management

After a succesful glLinkProgram, should I delete / detach my shaders?

Proper way to delete GLSL shader?

DirectX 12’s Latest Update Offers Shared Pool of VRAM to CPU & GPU for Improved Performance in Games.

Memory Management Strategies
Suballocation Within Buffers
D3D12_FEATURE_DATA_ARCHITECTURE1 structure (d3d12.h)

[D3D12 PSO & Memory Management]Advanced Graphics Summit: ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Remastered: A PC Postmortem

Vulkan memory dependencies

Vulkanised 2018 - Memory Management in Vulkan


Easy to integrate Vulkan memory allocation library (Recommended)

Easy to integrate memory allocation library for Direct3D 12 (Recommended)

Shared memory between multi-process

Shared heaps

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