keywords: Graphics, Bounding Volume Hierarchy, BVH, Ray Tracing, Collisi Detection



Bounding volume hierarchy

BVHs (part I)

BVHs (part II)

BVHs (part III)


Efficient BVH Construction via Approximate Agglomerative Clustering

Spatial Splits in Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Fast Parallel Construction of High-Quality Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Maximizing Parallelism in the Construction of BVHs, Octrees, and k-d Trees

Bounding volume hierarchies through treelet restructuring

Agglomerative treelet restructuring for bounding volume hierarchies


Computer Graphics Assignment about Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Implementation for “Bounding Volume Hierarchy Optimization through Agglomerative Treelet Restructuring”

A Simple, Optimized Bounding Volume Hierarchy for Ray/Object Intersection Testing

A simple Vulkan-based renderer for my master thesis on real-time transparency

A modern C++ BVH construction and traversal library (Recommended)

BVH for Shadow Mapping


Faster Ray-Traced Shadows for Hybrid Rendering of Fully Dynamic Scenes by Pre-BVH Culling

Shallow Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Fast SIMD Ray Tracing of Incoherent Rays

SRDH: Specializing BVH Construction and Traversal Order Using Representative Shadow Ray Sets

Memory-Conserving Bounding Volume Hierarchies with Coherent Ray Tracing

SATO: Surface Area Traversal Order for Shadow Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing Deformable Scenes using Dynamic Bounding Volume Hierarchies

A Survey on Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Ray Tracing


BVH Accelerated 3D Shadow Mapping

Daniel Meister, Sr. Software Engineer at AMD Japan Co. Ltd.


Ray Tracer implementation in C++, Random Sample AA, multi-threading, bvh acceleration, temporal denoising, soft shadows, and runtime comparisons on different CPUs

This demo implements BVH construction and GPU traversal for rendering hard shadows.

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