Keywords: UE4, Procedural Mesh Notes


Interactive Mesh Processing with libigl in Unreal Engine 4.24

Command-Line Mesh Processing with Unreal Engine 4.26

Mesh Generation and Editing at Runtime in UE4.26

Procedural Mesh Blueprints in UE4.26

The Interactive Tools Framework in UE4.26 (at Runtime!)

Building Procedural Art Tools in Unreal Engine 4


Sample projects for Unreal Engine 4.26 that demonstrates using the GeometryProcessing plugin to create procedural mesh Actors in Blueprints.

Tools & Plugins

UE4.7 Procedural Mesh Generation plugin

Procedural mesh examples for Unreal 4

Runtime Mesh Component

Solid Geometry Lib


How to simulate physics on a procedural mesh
  1. set bUseComplexAsSimpleCollision to false befoer SetSimulatePhysics(true) which was in constructor;

  2. add collistion mesh by AddCollisionConvexMesh(). because we can’t build collsionmesh automatically if set UseComplexAsSimpleCollision to false;


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