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Documents - Comprehensive

The Visual Technology of Gears 5 | Unreal Dev Days 2019 | Unreal Engine

Improving visuals while achieving 60fps using Unreal Engine 4

The making of Gears 5: how the Coalition hit 60fps - and improved visual quality

Gears 5 Graphics Options Performance Breakdown

Documents - Drawcalls

The engine draws the things you see on the screen in batches and such a batch is called a drawcall.

The time a drawcall takes consists of two parts:

  • a static overhead, that is always the same no matter how many things get drawn;
  • a dynamic part that depends on how many things there are to draw;

One basic thing is that each model in idTech4 gets drawn once per light that hits that model. And each of these draws of the model is split into drawcalls for each material.

So if you have a model with two different materials that is hit by 3 lights, the entire model is drawn 3 times, and the engine uses 2 * 3 = 6 drawcalls to do so.

Reference: Drawcalls


Blogs - Texture

The top mip level of a texture is responsible for about 75% of the memory usage, so dropping one or two mip levels should be plenty of texture detail range for any game. For example starting with 2GB of textures and dropping two mip levels from all of them would take you down to 128MB of textures.

Also note that if you’re running out of texture memory D3DFMT_DXT1 is 8 times smaller than D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8 and should be less of a quality reduction than dropping a mip level.


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