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Houdini Tools

Houdini Digital Assets (HDA)

Digital Assets for Houdini FX

Game Development

A series of Houdini shelf tools that are geared towards game developers!

Houdini Tutorials

Tutorials - Tricks & Tips

Houdini 5 Tips and Tricks Part 1
Houdini 5 Tips and Tricks Part 2

Tutorials - Basic (for beginner)

Houdini Basics Tutorial | 5+ Hours of Free Lessons

Understanding Lines, Curves and Edges in Houdini 19

Houdini Beginner Tutorial | Improved Shortest Path Growth

Beginner Tutorials - TIMJ

How to Create Edge Loops | Houdini 19.5

Tutorials - Comprehensive in Houdini Tutorials


VFX Grace (Recommended)

Steven Knipping (Recommended)

Howdini101 - Master the Fundamentals

A 20 day program, each day aiming to be between 5 and 30 minutes plus exercises.
Houdini Getting Started


Houdini Tutorial Bundle: All In One (Stars, VOP, Clouds, Mantra Shading) (Recommended)
Houdini Attributes and VOPs Workshop

Adrien Lambert

MIX Training makes PROFESSIONAL Courses and is an amazing training community with the only goal to help you succeed, we provide the tools and the support to get you to that dream job or project goal faster.(Recommended)
Houdini Engine to Unreal Engine Workflow. Make Procedural Assets to accelerate content creation for Unreal Engine Using Houdini the amazing procedural tools found in Houdini.

Professional Houdini Courses & Resources

Studio FX Workflows (Week #1 Lessons) Rebelway

Tutorials - Fragments in Houdini Tutorials

We found 45 of our favorite Houdini tutorials on the web. These VFX Lessons are perfect for learning Houdini basics and advanced FX training.


Houdini tutorials, UE4, game dev.

Realistic Tree Simulations in Houdini

Introduction to Houdini 17:Particles

Stroke-it - 3D Oil Painting in Houdini

SideFX houdini / Mineral - Tutorial series

Texturing and Baking combined

VFX Studio Oriented / NEBULA

why i like houdini

FX Mayhem - 102 - Teaser

How to make a Flamethrower in Houdini and Arnold

Meteor in Houdini and Karma | Pro Houdini Tutorial(Recommended)

Houdini Tops

DOP Networks Examples ( (Recommended)

Houdini Tutorial: Creating a measure distance tool (by visualize Node)

Tutorials - Realtime (Unreal Engine)

Create Looping Realtime FX Using Houdini | Free Webinar Replay(Recommended)

Project Titan Tree Tool | Part 2 | Use Pivot Painter

Tutorials - Destruction

Total Destruction: Vol.1 Fracturing
Total Destruction: Vol.2 RBD Simulations
Total Destruction vol3: Particles
Total Destruction: vol.4 Sparse Pyro
Total Destruction vol.5: Water and Snow

Tutorials - Physics

Houdini Windchimes: Collisions to MIDI

Tutorials - Large Scale Environment

Monsoon - Tutorial - Large Scale Environment Creation


Tutorials - Boiling Water

Creating Boiling Potion FX in Houdini

Tutorials - Cloud in Houdini Tutorials

Houdini Cloud Modelling Pack


Basics of Volumes in Houdini – Clouds with VOPs in Houdini part 1

Tutorials - Ground Destruction in Houdini Tutorials

G-RIPPER - HOUDINI Ground Destruction Tool - Tutorial

Energy blast FX & Breakdown

Tutorials - Grass in Houdini Tutorials

HyperGrass Vol.1 - Wild Green (Complete Edition)

Tutorials - VEX Tutorials

Creating Geometry With VEX

Tutorials - River Simulation

River Simulation in Houdini & UE4

Tutorials - Terrain Textures Generation

Generating HeightField Terrain Textures in Houdini | Alex Dracott | GDC 2018

Tutorials - Vertex Animation

Vertex Color Based Animation Basics | Andreas Glad


Tutorials - Unreal Pivot Painter

Unreal Pivot Painter SOP (Recommended)

Tutorials - Magical FX

MAGICAL COMBAT FX | UNREAL. Create a stylized cracked stone/ textures inside Houdini. Setup the stone Blueprint, material, and lights system inside UE.

Tutorials - Scatter

Houdini - How to scatter points inside a volume or on a surface

Advanced Scattering in Houdini 18.5

Tutorials - Rigging (Animation)

KineFX for Games | Luiz Kruel | Houdini 18.5 HIVE

Rigging in Houdini | Week 1 Lessons

Tutorials - Lightning

‘The Flash’ Slow Motion Lightning in Houdini | Pro Houdini Tutorial (Rebelway)

Tutorials - Visual Effects in Real Videos

Houdini FX - How to add Visual Effects in Real Videos. Learn how to add and compositing special effects and simulations with live footage

Tutorials - Particles

Abstract Particles #1 - Creating The Emitter - Houdini Tutorial

Tutorials - Mesh Blending

Create Seamless Blends Between Meshes | Houdini 19.5

Procedural Tutorials

Procedural Landscape

Texturing Landscapes for Games

Houdini Heightfields to UnrealEngine4 Landscapes

Procedural Forest Terrain Production with Houdini and UE4

Crafting a Snowy Landscape in Houdini

Learning heightfields

SideFX Houdini - Ultimate Terrain Workflow / Part01 - Concept, file organization, heightfield setup
Project + AL TOOLS / Ultimate Terrain Workflow

Tutorial series - Procedural Cliffs with SideFX houdini (Recommended)

Embark Landscape Creation | Darko Pracic | GDC HIVE 2023

AL-TOOLS / Ultimate Terrain Workflow - Houdini Indie (Recommended)

Procedural Rock Modeling

Breakdown: Procedural Rock Generation in Houdini

Houdini Procedural Rock - part 1

Magic Market | Procedural Rocks
Magic Market | Procedural Rocks 1 | Geometry Generation
Magic Market | Procedural Rocks 2 | Tool Generation
Magic Market | Procedural Rocks 3 | Texture Baking & Displacement
Magic Market | Procedural Rocks 4 | Procedural Texturing
Magic Market | Procedural Rocks 5 PDG Rock Generation
Magic Market | Procedural Rocks 6 | LOP Variant Generation

Procedural Environment Modeling

Macro Environment Design in Houdini (Recommended)

Houdini Tutorial Procedural Japanese Castle in Unreal Engine 4

Houdini Tutorial Procedural Level Design in UE4

Houdini Tutorial Procedural Modeling [escalator]

Procedural Modeling For Film and Video Games (Recommended)

Accelerating Workflow: Rapid Iteration with Houdini, ZBrush & Substance | Ian Smith | GDC HIVE 2023

Houdini Tutorial Procedural Pillar Generation

Procedural Plant Modeling

Houdini Tutorial Procedural Bush Plant in Unreal Engine 4.

Modeling a Procedural Planet in Houdini and Imported into Unreal Engine

Realistic Tree Grow 3d Model | Procedural HIP Setup + Alembic Files (Animated) (Recommended)

Sci-fi - Procedural Modeling

VFX Studio Oriented / Procedural Sci-Fi Cities

Houdini Tutorial - Procedural Sci-Fi Sphere Buildup

Houdini Tutorial Megastructure Generator [ Procedural Modeling ]

Houdini HDA | Procedural Greebles (sci-fi cube)

Props Modeling Tutorials

Hard Surface Modeling Houdini Tutorial

Abstract FX Tutorials

Tips for Abstract Effects in Houdini

CGMA | Abstract FX in Houdini

Abstract FX in Houdini Using Karma (Advanced Houdini Tutorial)

Houdini Examples (HIP HDA)

Examples - Comprehensive

SideFX Offical Content Library

houdini hda tools focused on procedural modeling environments


Houdini recipe files repository.

Examples - Fragements

The Art of Houdini Tests


Learn VFX! Houdini, Nuke and other 3D Software (Recommended)

A collection of scripts for SideFx Houdini

Houdini Digital Assets and Tutorials

Doxia Studio Houdini Tutorials

Examples - Explosion

Houdini Explosion

Examples - Destruction (Fracture)

Houdini Wall Destruction

Houdini Wood Fracture

RBD simulation: Building destruction

Examples - Stylized

Houdini 2D Splash

Houdini 2D Explosion

Examples - PGC

Ivy Taming 1.1 for Houdini
SideFX Houdini | Ivy Taming - Procedural Ivy / vine Vegetation

Examples - Edge Wear

Breaking Edge Tool for Houdini by Anatoliy Habarov

Worn Edge Blueprint

Houdini Blog #41: Edge wear

Houdini Plugins

Houdini Expression Editor

Houdini Expression Editor

Procedural Modeling Tools

Simple Tree Tools 2.0 for Houdini Indie

Project Manager

This is a multi-functional project manager, Houdini plugin, mainly used to manage and check files, relink missing files, pack footage with one click, check unused files and missing files and the corresponding directories, and check Path State (Relative/Absolute), and switch the path mode.

Unreal Plugins

This repo is a non-official Unreal plugin that can read OpenVDB and NanoVDB files in Unreal.

Hip Compare

The Houdini Hipfile Diff Tool, a difference viewer tailored for Houdini project files using hython 3.9.

Houdini Book List

Houdini VEX & SOP Books

理論と実践で学ぶHoudini -SOP&VEX編- (Japanese Edition)

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