keywords: Houdini, Shortcuts, Hotkey


W: Toggle Wireframe.
S: Toggle selection.
D: Display options.

Go to object : Hold Space + G
Go to home : Hold Space + H

Disconnect line of nodes:Hold Y + Drag left mouse button

Slow move : Shift + Mouse button

Go to top level node:U

Open VEX editor in new window : Alt + E

Share wrangle source (VEX)

If want to make a function to be invoked by other nodes, hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift,then drag wrangle node using left mouse button to create a replica fo wrangle, thus the VEX source in new wrangle would be effected by original wrangle node.

How to show context menu of right click quickly.

Hold Ctrl, then click and drag on the output point of node, then context menu would show automatically.

How to create a customized route for lines between nodes

Hold Alt, then hold and drag left mouse button from output point of node, thus you can creat a route.

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