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Shortcuts - Viewport

W: Toggle Wireframe.
S: Toggle selection.
D: Display options.

Go to object : Hold Space + G
Go to home : Hold Space + H

Slow move camera: Shift + Mouse button (RMB or LMB)

Maximize current window : Ctrl + B (press again to previous state)

Shortcuts - Node Graph Editor

Disconnect line of nodes:Hold Y + Drag left mouse button

Go to top level node:U

How to show context menu of right click quickly?
Hold Ctrl, then click and drag on the output point of node, then context menu would show automatically.

How to create a customized route for lines between nodes?
Hold Alt, then hold and drag left mouse button from output point of node, thus you can creat a route.

Shortcuts - VEX Editor

Open VEX editor in new window : Alt + E

Share wrangle source (VEX):
If want to make a function to be invoked by other nodes, hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift,then drag wrangle node using left mouse button to create a replica fo wrangle, thus the VEX source in new wrangle would be effected by original wrangle node.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift is also avaiable for other nodes, adjust the parameters on one and they all update.


Animation Shortcuts

Alt + Left click on a parameter : set parameter value of first frame.

Alt + Left click again on the same parameter : set parameter value of last frame.

Ctrl + Left click on a parameter : cancle the animation.

Animation Settings

How to change the play rate of animation:
Click the Substeps:

Or right click on Sbusteps to adjust play rate.

How to delete animation frame:
right click -> Delete Channels:

How to modify frame rate (FPS) of animation:

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