Keywords: Graphics, Animation Programming Notes


Skinned Skeletal Animation

Achieve Skeletal Animaton with OpenGL

assimp C++ OpenGL skeletal animation visual studio 2015 project

Skeletal Animation Tutorial using Shaders to Transform the Vertices. Based on the OGRE Mesh Format

OpenGL Skeletal Animation

Skeletal animation demo implemented with OpenGL and Assimp.

Skeleton Animation: Real-time vertex skinning using Dual Quaternions

Vertex Morph Animation

OpenGL program that can render and smoothly animate faces representing different human emotions on a human head mesh.

A vertex morph animation demo for OpenGL

Replicates the human facial expressions using morph target animation in OpenGL/GLSL

OpenGL based morphing animation example

A vertex morph animation demo for OpenGL



Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques 3rd Edition (September 12, 2012)


Animation Blending

An automatic tool to facilitate authoring animation blending in game engines

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