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How to share skeleton for multiple animations

1, Import FBX files, included: one skinned mesh file, multiple animation sequence files. Assumed that these animations used a same skeleton.

2, Then select one animation (anyone is OK) asset in Unity editor, click Animation tab, then drag the skinned mesh asset to the bottom window.

skinned mesh asset to drag:

How to extract AnimationClip (.anim) from batch .fbx files?


using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class test : MonoBehaviour 
    new AnimationClip[] animation;
    void Start()
        //"Model" is the directory under `Assets/Resources/`
        animation = Resources.LoadAll<AnimationClip> ("Model");
        foreach (AnimationClip i in animation)
            Debug.Log ("Animation: " +;
            AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(i, string.Format("Assets/AnimationClips/{0}.anim",;


How to switch animation immediately?

Disable Has Exit Time in Transition.


Blend Tree



Repository for SIGGRAPH 2019 Animation Rigging workshop

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