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Building From Source
  1. Install requirements and add executable file(*.exe) in your System Environment Variables.

    • Python 3
    • Cmake 3.x
    • Git
  2. Get the sources of shaderc and build in cmake.

     git clone $SOURCE_DIR
     cd $SOURCE_DIR
     py ./utils/git-sync-deps
     cd $SOURCE_DIR/
     mkdir $BUILD_DIR && cd $BUILD_DIR
     cmake $SOURCE_DIR
     cmake --build . --config {Release|Debug|MinSizeRel|RelWithDebInfo}
     ctest -C {Release|Debug|MinSizeRel|RelWithDebInfo}

Only one $(Configuration) can be setup upon executing cmake --build, e.g. Release:

cmake --build . --config Release

Otherwise you would get an error:

'Debug' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

glslc.exe would be generated in following directory at the end of building.

Download Binaries Directly



A collection of tools, libraries, and tests for Vulkan shader compilation.

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