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Math & Physics

3blue1brown, is creating animated math videos.

MajorPrep, is creating educational videos that will make you think.

Flammable Maths, is creating Educational Videos about Maths and Physics.

Graphics Cases

Inigo Quilez, is creating mathematical art, articles and video tutorials.

Graphics Research Papers

Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, is creating Educational videos.

Game Engine

The Cherno, is creating Software Engineering Videos.

Game Programming

javidx9 is creating Programming Resources.

Jason Turner, is creating C++ Things: C++ Weekly, The C++ Box, ChaiScript, etc.

Unity Gameplay

Ming-Lun “Allen” Chou, is creating tutorials on video game math, physics, and programming.

Sebastian Lague, is creating Game Development Tutorials.

Dean Ashford, is creating YouTube Game Dev Tutorials.

Mix and Jam, is creating videos on game mechanic recreations.

Sykoo, is creating YouTube videos of Unity and Game Development.

Brackeys, is creating videos on Game Development.

Jimmy Vegas, is creating Unity Tutorials To Make Your Own Games.

UE4 Gameplay

Nitrogen, is creating videos about UE4 and Game Dev.

Unity Comprehensive

Alan Zucconi is creating awesome tutorials.

UE4 Comprehensive

Virtus Learning Hub, is creating FREE Game Development courses.

TechArt (Unity)

Harry Alisavakis, is creating beginner-friendly tutorials about shaders and VFX.

Minions Art, is creating Game Art Tips and Astro Kat, a Catventure game!

RED_SIM is creating Shaders, VFX, Models, VRChat related stuff.

TechArt (UE4)

UnrealCG, is creating Unreal Engine 4 Game Development Tutorials.


Nine Between, is creating VFX Tutorials.(include Houdini)

Matt is creating CG learning material. (Houdini)

Adrien Lambert CG & VFX Tutorials is creating videos

Arvid Schneider is creating Professional VFX Tutorials and is Mentoring Artists in need (include Houdini)


The Art of Code, is creating Shader Coding Tutorials.


Howard Wimshurst, is creating Animations and Animation Tutorials.

Digital Artwork (Painting & Drawing)

Ty Carter, is creating Illustrations.

Nivanh Chanthara, is creating Concept-Arts and Illustrations.

itsdanfango, is creating digital artwork & illustrations.

Kohan Toys - The Mecha Project, are creating Toys, sculptures, designs, illustrations.

NostalgiaTree, is creating pixel art.

Gloss is creating Sweet★Canvas | Monster Girl Visual Novel and Art!

Justin Donaldson is creating Original Paintings and Art videos.

Quentin Mabille is creating Illustrations, Concept Art, Sketches, Artbook.

NoxQuel is creating Drums of Atelaer, Art Streams & Digital Art Resources.

Next-Gen workflow

3D Extrude Tutorials, is creating 3D Art.

Arrimus 3D, is creating 3D and Game Design Tutorials, Giveaways, and his own Video Game.

Indie Game

Inasa Fujio, is creating Video games.

jmw327, is creating pixel art, music, and code!

Cadet, is creating a cute 3D platformer.

OpenSource In GameDev

skypjack, is creating blog posts, games, uvw and EnTT

Omar Cornut, is creating dear imgui.

Richard Davey, is creating Phaser.

Juan Linietsky & Godot Core Contributors is creating Godot Engine.

OpenSource In Common

Alex Medvednikov, is creating the V programming language.

Rainer Grimm, is creating a C++ Blog.

OpenSource In AI

Faceswap are creating Machine Learning Software.

DAIN-APP, DAINAPP is an app that use advanced AI to predict new frames and increase the frame-rate of a video or gif.


HDRI Haven is creating free, high quality HDRIs for everyone.


Lennart is creating CC0 Textures (and

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