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Collection of shaders and visual effects created for Unity 3D.

A bunch of custom passes made for HDRP

Post Processing

A collection of custom post processing effects for Unity

A 3D scan/sonar-like post-processing effect for Unity. Essentially a visualization of a spherical signed distance field (SDF).


Source code for Outline Shader tutorial for Unity. Detects edges in a scene using the depth and normals buffers.

Outline Image Effect for Unity

Screen-space outlines for Unity3d.


Grass Shader
Source code for Grass Shader tutorial for Unity.

Ocean & Water

An advanced ocean system implemented in Unity3D

Making Interactive Water using RenderTexture

A port of Evan Wallace’s “Water Demo” for WebGL to Unity.

Perfect Water Shaders - 1.4.0 Caustics and Foam Update | FILES
Perfect Water Shaders - 1.4.1 Unity Fog Fix | FILES

Next gen iteration of the unity community ocean shader

Water Surface Simulation using CutomRenderTexture in Unity 2017.1

Frosted Glass

Test of a frosted glass material in Unity.

Geometry Shader

An example of a geometry shader with Unity’s standard lighting model support.



Toon Shading

Flat Kit: Cel / Toon Shading

An Uber Shader for rendering Sprites in Unity.

A collection of “Toon” shaders for Unity based on a stepped PBR approximation.

A very simple toon lit shader example, for you to learn writing custom lit shader in Unity URP

UniversalRP Toon Shader with ShaderGraph

UnityChanToonShaderVer2 Project / v.2.0.7 Release

UniversalRP Toon Shader with ShaderGraph


A simple Genshin Impact facial shader for Unity URP, based on NiloCat shader example

A Toon Shader in Unity Universal Render Pipeline.


Little test of rendering clouds in Unity with raymarching.

Screen Space

This is a package which contains SSAO, SSDiffuse and SSReflection.

Screen Space Planar Reflection

Reusable RendererFeature of Mobile Screen Space Planar Reflection

Shader Rendering Pipeline

Shadertoy shaders to unity Universal SRP screenspace shaders

UI Elements

This components and shaders allows you to add rounded corners to UI elements!


Unity ECS example for special effects


Glitch post-processing shader for Unity3d


Highly customizable sci-fi shield / force field shader for Unity3D. Allows you to set edge power & color, inner texture scrolling, waviness, scale pulsation and procedural intensity noise. Implements tessellation for low-poly base meshes.


Sorangon Level Up Sketch Open Project (Recommended)

Crash Ground

Gears Hammer of Dawn

Fog of War

Civilization VI Fog of War


Painting directly in mesh textures in Unity 3d with shaders.

Vertex Animation

VAT (Vertex Animation Texture) on Unity HDRP examples

Fast GPU vertex shader based animation library for Unity (VAT, Vertex Animation Texture, Morphing Animation)


Unity unlit screen space decal shader for URP. Just create a new material using this shader, then assign it to a new unity cube GameObject = DONE, now you have unlit decal working in URP


Noise Shader Library for Unity


A realtime Matrix VFX Shader in Unity 3D

Dissolve (Destruct) Ground

Dissolving Ground Trail Effect in Unity using Shader Graph


Voronoi Noise


Shader Fun


IronWarrior’s Repository

Source code for Outline Shader tutorial for Unity. Detects edges in a scene using the depth and normals buffers.

Source code for Toon Water Shader tutorial for Unity. Renders and animates toon-style waves from a noise texture and generates shoreline foam based off the depth buffer.

Source code for Toon Shader tutorial for Unity. Has specular, rim lighting, and can cast and receive shadows.

Source code for Grass Shader tutorial for Unity. Generates blades with a geometry shader, tessellates input mesh to control density.


Comprehensive Tutorails

The Unity Shaders Bible

A bunch of shader examples created in Unity (ShaderGraph & HLSL).

记录学习Unity Shader过程中实现过的一些Demo。

Offical Tutorials

A library of Shaders created using Unity’s Shader Graph.

Tutorials On Patreon

Catlike Coding, is creating Unity C# and Shader Tutorials

Minions Art is creating Game Art Tips and Astro Kat, a Catventure game!

Harry Alisavakis

Roystan is creating open source game development tutorials

New Shiny Sparkly Shader

Universal Splat Map Shader | Release

Compute Shader Interactive Grass + Updated Painter Tool (Fade at bottom of grass)


Various shaders. Unity shader programming (HLSL & GLSL).

Shader Animation Tutorials

Creating shader animation in Unity

Post-Processing Tutorials

EVERY Image Effect in Unity Explained - Post Processing v2 Tutorial

Vertex Shader Tutorials

Gears Hammer of Dawn


Shader Editor

ShaderToy to ShaderLab Converter. A Shader Editor for Unity.

Convert ShaderToy to Unity HLSL/CG

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