Keywords: git, pull, branch

Common Commands

1, abort merge

git merge --abort

2, switch branch

git checkout master

or create local branch and switch to it if HEAD detached:

git checkout -b master remotes/origin/master --

3, clone only a single branch

git clone [url] -b [branch-name] --single-branch

4, Get the current branch name in Git?

git branch | grep \* | cut -d ' ' -f2

5, Revert file

git reset HEAD <file>

6, Change connection from SSH to HTTPS

git remote set-url origin https://...
git remote set-url --push origin https://...

You can view the configured remotes with git remote -v, which should now show your updated URLs.


Sync Fork


1, add remote forwarded to upstream(father repository)

git remote add upstream

2, fetch from upstream

git fetch upstream

3, switch to branch you want to merge, e.g. master:

git checkout master

If upstream has a branch which has the same as origin, you must designate the full name of your origin branch, e.g.:

git checkout remotes/origin/master

4, merge upstream/master to your local master branch.

git merge upstream/master

5, push to your remote fork

git push

How to sync branch forked on git

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