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Pause Clothing Simulation

  • Run-time Instancing
  • Movable Spotlight support on Mobile
  • Dithered LOD Transitions on Mobile
  • Unreal Insights(Beta)
  • Chaos - Destruction (Beta)
  • Skin Weight Profile system
  • Virtual Texturing (which can reduce texture memory overhead and increase performance when using very large textures)
  • Animation Updates:

    • Inertial Blending (Beta)
    • Animation Blueprint Linking (Beta)
  • Editor Updates:

    • Atmospheric Sky
  • Geometry Updates:

    • Modeling Mode (Experimental)
    • Modeling Mode Sculpting Tools (Experimental)
  • Mobile Updates:

    • Auto-instancing on Mobile (Experimental)
  • Networking Updates:

    • DTLS Support (Experimental).
  • Open World Updates:

    • Landscape Blueprint Brushes and Landmass Plugin (Beta).



Mobile rendering has undergone some internal changes following improvements made to the rest of the Unreal Engine renderer.

  • New performance improvements and features include mobile GPUScene instancing and culling, Skin Cache, Distance Field support, CSM caching, and the pre-integrated SSS shading model.
  • Mobile Deferred Rendering Mode is a deferred renderer optimized for modern mobile GPU architecture that supports improved lighting and reflection quality and features over that of default Forward Mobile Renderer.(OpenGL ES Experimental)


  • OpenGL ES version 3.2 is now required on Android
  • iOS version 14 or later is supported

Mobile rendering improvements