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Synthesis (Comprehensive)

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Get Faster in Maya Part 2.0

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Top 10 Maya Hotkeys


Request - Avoid Pinching

Mesh Wrap. Quick and easy way to transfer any pattern to any mesh.


Maya 2018: Quick Rig
how to add more bones on top of the quickrig, since its not a typical bone system. I need hands, tails, eye bones ect.
In the Step-By-Step process in Step 4 create Skeleton Only. Then you can add your own skeleton parts, like hands. After Skinning (maybe you need to increase the resolution for the Geodesic Voxel Binding) you need to add the HIK Rig in the HumanIK Window.


EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Topology


How to make Morph/BlendShapes in UE4 with Maya

Maya 3D Animation Tutorial - Pixar’s Luca Transformation Effect with MASH. (Recommended)

Scripting & Programming

Maya Programming with Python Cookbook

Map Baking

How to bake Perfect Normal Map in Maya for beginner