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I haven’t purchased assets as follows, this article is just a note for Unreal assets classification, since classification in Unreal Marketplace isn’t granular enough.

VFX Series Pack 1

Arcs and Sparks

Rojectiles, Muzzles, Impacts

Luos’s PewPew Particle Pack

Stylized Impacts

Ballistics FX

Muzzle Flashes

Bullet VFX Pack

CIWS Turret

GOOD FX: Impact

Cartoon & Stylized

Cartoon FX Pack #4 - 4 in 1 - Deep Impact Explosions

Stylized FX 2

Cartoony Impact FX - Second Edition

Fantasy FX Starter Pack

Stylized FX 3

Stylized FX 4

Stylized VFX Pack

Anime FX Pack Vol

Fantasy FX Pack #1 - Shields and Projectiles

Stylized FX Collection_1


M5 VFX RPG1. Sword Trails

Elemental Slash FX

Sword Swipes Anim Trail


Trail VFX Pack. Fully functional 50+ trail visual effect examples using Niagara Systems and Dynamic Materials


Scan FX

Cyberpunk FX Pack

Custom Lens Flare VFX

Exhaust Particles

Scifi Particle Pack

Stylized FX 4

Radial Scan FX

NeuroFractals Pack

Hologram VFX With Niagara is a fully functional hologram visual effect and material sets.

Holo-Gen is an easy to use Blueprint system for converting your meshes into a holograms(Holographic Projection). (UE5) (Recommended)

Shield FX

Force Shields

Shield FX Responsive

Wall FX pack

Interactive Force Fields

Interactive Shield VFX Pack is a collection of shield-related visual effects, interactions and materials.

Magic & Fantasy

Advanced Magical FX

Fantasy FX Starter Pack

Explosions Builder

Niagara Effects03


Niagara FX 03 (Skeletal FX)

Ice Magic Spells Niagara Effects

Character Body FX

Magic Trails, Hand and Full Body Magic Spell Trails

Character Body FX Vol. 2, Selection of Niagara effects that attach to characters

Niagara - Lattice Deformer. A simple lattice deformer using Niagara GPU simulation which can be used to create fake soft bodies

Transformation VFX Pack. Interactive and Customizable Transformation Visual Effect Pack using Niagara.

Matrix VFX Pack. 35+ Matrix Visual Effect Sets Using Niagara Systems

Character Body FX Vol. 1. Selection of Niagara effects that attach to characters

Dash and Blink FX for fast moving Characters

Infinite Loop Aura Effect,Useful,Customizable and Well-optimized!!


The Explosions Mega Pack

VFX Grenade Pack

ExplosionVFX, Various types of realistic explosion effects


Warp effect


Star Creator

Planet Creator 1

Planet Creator 2

Sky Sphere / Sky Box

Procedural Northern Lights


Lazy Godray

Fog Gradients

EasyFog is a tool to efficiently add localized fog and clouds to any environment.

Ultra Volumetrics. Use the power of distance fields to create stunning fog that clings to surfaces. (Recommended)


Stylized Fire

Beam and Ray

Beam And Laser FX 01

Beams and Lasers Pack

GOOD Particle : Beam and Ray

Scifi Particle Pack

Power Ups

Power Ups


Butterfly Particles

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves VFX Pack


Realistic Waterfall Particle FX

Wave & Waterfall

Water Materials

Water & Boiling

Boiling Liquid, A pack of seamlessly animated boiling liquid surfaces in different resolutions.

Lightning & Electricity

Electricity / Lightning VFX Pack (Niagara)


Dissolve VFX Pack

Niagara Dissolve Effect. Dissolve Effects of Skeletal and Static meshes with Niagara.


Boiling Liquid

Levitation FX. FX for Levitating Superhumans

The Slow Mo Kit. Slow Motion component system with customizable settings. Sound assets and visual effects included.


Comprehensive Tutorials

Ablaze Realtime VFX course in Unreal Engine 5 (Recommended)

Fragments Tutorials

Building Transmutator in Unreal and Houdini

Destiny 2: VFX Production Tips

Blender Anime Fire Tornado FX Making Of (Timelapse)

World of Warcraft VFX: Overview from Luis Aguas

Unreal Engine Slash Effect Tutorial

Volumetric Cloud - Tutorials

Create nice and feasible volumetric cloud in Unreal Engine 4

Niagara - Tutorials

Introduction to Niagara | Unreal Engine

Lightning Smoke Ring in UE4.27 Niagara
Ashif Ali

CGHOW. Unreal Niagara FX (Recommended)
Blood in UE 5.1 Niagara Tutorial | Download Files
Death Smoke in UE 5.1 Niagara | Download Files
Pixel Explode in Unreal Engine 5.1 Niagara Tutorial | Download Files
Unreal Engine 5.1 Niagara Curl Noise FX Tutorial | Download Files
Dripping in Unreal Engine 5.1 Niagara Tutorial | Download Files

A deep dive into my Niagara-based circling vultures effect!

Unreal Niagara - Tentacle effect with physics simulation (FULL TUTORIAL)

Niagara Fluids - Tutorials

Niagara Fluids Documents

Unreal Engine 5 Niagara Fluids Tutorial for Beginners

Procedural Stylized Fire in UE5.

Aurora - Tutorials

Creating Starry night and Aurora Borealis VFX in UE4 | Tyler Smith

Orb - Tutorials

Advanced VFX in Unreal Engine: Materia (Recommended)

Liquid - Tutorials

Dynamic liquid shader for UE5.2 using Substrate material. (Recommended)

Tools & Plugins


FluidNinja VFX Tools

FluidNinja LIVE

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