How to set Pivot Offset

How to override Events of Components in Blueprint

Right click component -> Add Event

How to open optimization Viewmodes
How to open Buffer Visualization
Move directory in Editor

Right clicking on the folder and selecting “Fix Up Redirectors in Folder” before trying to move it, otherwise reference of assets would be lost.

How to customize screen size of LOD

1st way:
Screen Size that can’t be modify

Uncheck Auto Compute LOD Distance allow to modify Screen Size

2nd way:
Uncheck Auto Compute LOD Distance when import FBX asset.

How to add Exec Pin on Macro in Blueprint

By default, Blueprint Macro has no Exec Pin:

You can add an input and output parameter which type is Exec:


Edit Menu

How to use small Toobar Icons

Edit -> Editor Preferences -> Appearance -> Check Use Small Tool Bar Icons


Unreal Editor Manual