keywords: Performance, Optimization, PrePass DDM_AllOpaque(Forced by DBuffer)

GPU Visualizer arguments specification

PrePass DDM_…


  • Early rendering of depth(Z) from non-translucent meshed.
  • Required by DBuffer decals.
  • May be used by occlusion culling.
  • Engine -> Rendering -> Optimizations -> Early Z-pass.

Cost affected by

  • Triangle count of opaque objects.
  • Depending on Early Z settings: Overdraw and complexity of Masked materials.


  • Generation of depth maps for shadow-casting lights.
  • It’s like rendering scene’s depth from light’s point of view.
  • sg.ShadowQuality 0...4

Cost affected by

  • Number and range of shadow-casting lights.
  • Number and triangle count of movable shadow-casting objects.
  • Shadow quality settings.


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GPU Profiling