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11 Short Steps to Create an Animated Loading Screen

    • I Went into Window > Levels
    • Created a New Level by going to “Levels” and selecting “Create new Level”
    • Moved all my main level stuff by highlighting it all in the editor window and selecting “Move Selected Actors to Level” via the “Levels” tab.
    • Created my load screen texture, camera and animated spinning icon and made sure they were in “Persistent Level”.
    • In the “Level Blueprint” (Of “Persistent Level”), I created a “Begin Play” event and created a “Open Stream Level” node and connected them both together.
    • I put the Level Name that I want loaded into the “Open Stream Level” and made sure “Block on Load” wasn’t ticked but “Make visible after load” was.
    • I created a Matinee with a “Fade” track and an “Event” track. I then made a quick fade in / Fade out / Fade in and put an event while the screen is supposed to be totally black.
    • I went back into the “Level Blueprint” and created the nodes to “Play” the Matinee once the level has been loaded.
    • I then added a “MatineeController” node and right-clicked and selected “Refresh nodes” to make my event I created in the Matinee to appear.
    • I added a node called “Remote Event” which searches all the Level Blueprints for the event in question to fire it.
    • In the “Level Blueprint” of the level that had just been loaded, I created an event that was called the same thing as the “Remote Event” and connected a “Get Player Controller > Set View Target with Blend” node to it.

And that was all I had to do!

See? 11 short steps to have a fully animated load screen. How awesome is that?!

Reference: Animated Loading Screen

Blueprint Manual Level Streaming

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