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I haven’t bought assets as shown in following content, this article is just a note for Unreal assets classification, since classification in Unreal Marketplace isn’t granular enough.

Art Studios

Synty Studios

Assets Category

Foliage & Grass

Forest Pack (Mobile Device Optimized)

Landscape Ground Pack (Mobile Device Optimized)

Realistic Grass Pack (Mobile Device Optimized)

Plants Low (Mobile Device Optimized)

tropical Vegetation: Banana Plants (Mobile Device Optimized)

interactive Open World Foliage (Mobile Device Optimized)

temperate Vegetation: Foliage Collection (Mobile Device Optimized)

interactive Foliage Collection

Bushes & Shrubs

Realistic Grass Pack

Ground Plants Pack (High Performance)

Wetland Landscape

Nordic Mountains

Grass Hills Landscape

Field Grass Package Vol. 1

Customizable Grass

temperate Vegetation: optimized Grass Library

Meadow - Environment Set

Forest Floor


Ivy pack

Flowers and Plants Nature Pack

Interactive Dynamic Bushes Plants with Physics for Video Games

Interactive Stylized Plants with Physics for Video Games

Flowers and Plants Nature Part 1

Flowers and Plants Nature Part 2

Tree Library

Grass Pack

Foliage Pack by Meshingun Studio

Light Foliage

OpenLand Grass - Customizable Game Ready Grass System

Potted Plant

Tropical House Plants

Tropical House Plants 2


Science Laboratory

Futuristic modular top-down rooftop

Sci-Fi Modular Environment

Scifi Kitbash Level Builder

Modular Sci-Fi Laboratory

Sci-Fi City Hub Kit

Sci-Fi Modular Hangars Location


Space Colonies: Other Planets

SciFi ‘Populate’ Pack

SciFi ‘Props’ Pack

Polar Sci-Fi Facility

Modular SciFi Hallways

Modular Sci Fi Orion Mars Corridors

Majestic Fantasy Halls & Interiors

Modular Tech Environment

SciFi/Industrial Level Kit 2.0

Modular Sci-Fi Factory

Sci Fi Modular Environment Set

Planet Surface Colony

Spectrum Galaxy is a AAA quality futuristic environment that contains elegant modular architecture, customizable PBR shaders, foliage, lens flares, IES profiles and much more!

Lane & Town

Middle East

Middle Eastern Village

Fantasy and Medieval Architecture Kit

Forgotten Alley

Modular Seaside Town

Modular Overgrown Village Buildings

Top Down Village


Forgotten Alley

Medieval Village

Medieval Docks

Medieval Town

Tropical Village

WaterMill Environment (Optimized for mobile)

Old Scandinavia Medieval Village

Wild West Ghost Town of Fogmourn

Old West Town

Soviet Village Environment Pack

Medieval Village Environment

Countryside & Farm

Countryside: Windmills & Barns

Old West Modular Barn

Wild and Forest

Virtual Texture Environment: High performance (game ready) 2 Environments with Runtime Virtual Texture and Procedural Foliage.

PLE - Procedural Landscape Ecosystem (High Performance)

Nature Set (Mobile Device Optimized)

Coniferous Trees and Plants for Mobile (Mobile Device Optimized)

Low Poly Foliage Forest Pack (Mobile Device Optimized)

Nature Package (Optimized for mobile)

Landscape Pro 3 - Automatic Natural Environment Creation Tool (Mobile Device Optimized)

Realistic Wild Pack 02

Scanned Poplar and Aspen Forest with Seasons

Gokhan Karadayi

Procedural Nature Seasons Pack

Environment Set

Affordable Landscapes - Premium

Redwood Forest Collection

Archmodels for UE Vol 4

Archmodels for UE vol. 5

Landscape Backgrounds

Forest Trees Plants and Grass

Photorealistic Landscape Bundle 1

3D-Scanned, Photo-Realistic Mauritius Asset Pack

3D-Scanned, Photo-Realistic Forest Landscape Asset Pack Vol. 1

Bamboo Valley

DevTon Spring Landscape

DevTon Winter Landscape

Forest Trees Plants and Grass for Games

Forest Trees Plants and Grass

Forest Glade Set

Winter Nature

Low Poly Rainforest Pack

Encampment Environment

Low Poly Foliage Jungle Pack

Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1

Forest Gnoll Set

3D-Scanned, Photo-Realistic Forest Landscape Asset Pack Vol. 2

Scanlabz Trees Volume 1

Dark Forest

Marmudella House Mega Pack V4

Realistic Forest Pack

Tropical South-East Asia Jungle Pack

Iceland Environment

Wild and Forest (Photoscanned)

Forest - Environment Set

Meadow Wetlands Landscape

Valley & Gorge

MW Landscape Material

Orc Fantasy Environment


Caucasus Mountains - Real scale satellite data

Winter Snow Landscape 2


Elite Landscapes: Bundle Pack


3D Scanned Canyon - Modular Cliffs + Rocks, Grass and more

Brushify - Canyons Pack

Desert Town


Post Apocalyptic Desert

Western Desert Town

Red Desert Pack

Arid Desert

Rocks and Cliffs

Cliff Lands (The Narrows)

Quarry Cliffs

3D Scanned Canyon - Modular Cliffs + Rocks, Grass and more

Modular Cliffs

White rocks

Weathered Rocks and Stones

Stones and Rocks pack

Real Rocks and Stones

Optimized Rocks

Mega Rock Pack

Rock Pack Pro (Snow And Moss Options available now)

Raw Quartz Rock Pack

Knight Rocks

Terrain Blending Rocks

Sharur’s Lost Monastery Ruins

Photogrammetry Rock & Cliff

Wasteland Rocks Pack

Better Rocks and Cliffs

Cliff Tower Ruins

Small Stone


Ice World (Mobile Device Optimized)

Arctic Landscape

Arctic Base


Island Landscape - A

Island Landscape

Background Island Vista

Tropical Island Environment

Beach Island

STF3d - 3D-Scanned South of France

Outdoor : Sci-fi & CyberPunk

Leartes Studios
CyberPunk Outdoor Environment Asset Set
SkyScrapers / High Rise Buildings Modular Asset Pack

Cyberpunk Environment Kitbash Set

Hong Kong Alley

Future Container slums

Cyberpunk Downtown vol.2

Modular CyberPunk City Asset Pack

Japanese city pack

Post Apocalyptic

Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Scene

Post Apocalyptic Desert

Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Scene

Abandoned Place

Metro 15 - Environment Pack

Abandoned Gas Station

Abandoned Factory

Post Apocalyptic World

Post Apocalyptic Desert

Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox

Abandoned Amusement Park

Modular Post Apocalyptic Buildings

Post apocalyptic Props + environment

Post-Soviet Scanned Props

Post Apocalyptic Props Pack
Industrial Electrical, Lighting, and Conduit Assets
Post Apocalyptic Props Pack [Volume 2]

Post Apocalyptic City

Post Apocalyptic District

Post Apocalyptic City

Abandoned Outdoor

Abandoned Buildings And Barns

Abandoned Cable Factory

[SCANS] Abandoned Factory Buildings - Day/Night Scene

Abandoned Full City Pack with Interiors

Old Industrial City and Shipyard with Factory Interiors

[SCANS] Urban Abandoned District - Day/Night Scene


Brazilian Favelas with a football field concert stage, light music, and old houses painted with graffiti and streets

Abandoned Indoor

Abandoned Building

Modular Abandoned Shelter

Abandoned Russian Building


Overgrown Ruins

Ancient Ruins Pack

Modular Ancient Ruins

Apocalyptic Props

Rubble and Debris - Modular Set


Industry Props Pack 5

Industry Props Pack

Pipe Pack

Container Yard Environment Set

Industrial City

Industrial Area Hangar

Old Train Factory

Factory District

Industrial Area Environment
Industrial Building Set 3
Industrial Building Set 4
Modular Power Transformer Package
Recycling Salvage Scrap Area

Modular Pumping Station

Modular Industrial Area

Tank Cleaning Center


A Japanese alley environment pack

Japanese Modular Pagoda

Japanese Modular Village

Ships & Bays

Ships Graveyard

Harbour Pack - Wooden Modular Assets

Ships and Rocks



Mansion Hall



Dungeon Ruins

Dungeon Areas

Fantasy Dungeon

Modular tunnel

Modular Medieval Sewer Dungeon

Multistory Dungeons

Top-Down Dungeons


Cave Of Tessellation

Fantasy Cave Environment Set

Top-Down Caves

Underground Caves and Bunker

Modular Bunker Vol2

Indoor : Sci-fi & CyberPunk

CyberPunk / Sci-Fi Bar Asset Pack

Cyberpunk/Grunge Sci-Fi Asset Pack

Sky Club

Gentlemen’s Night Club

Night Club

Cyberpunk Nightclub

Cyberpunk Interior Environment Kitbash Set


Graveyard and Nature Set

Modular Office



Ancient Realistic Architecture

Shinto Shrine

Old Catacombs

Castle Fortress

Buddhist Monastery Environment

Rome Fantasy Pack I

Zhang Jia Jie Mountain

Modern Times Realistic Architecture

Wild West Props Pack

Simple Facade

Village Houses Modular Pack

Modular Victorian Mansion

SkyScrapers / High Rise Buildings Modular Asset Pack


Contemporary Realistic Architecture

Gentlemen’s Night Club

Metro Station Modular Kit

City Subway Tunnel

Photo Asphalt Set



Old Brick House

Modular Houses

Subway Environment

Sewers and Underground Modular Set

King Wash Laundromat (City Scene)

Urban Construction Pack

Urban City

Modular Building Set

Public Hallway Pack

Hillview - A Modular Modern House

Modular Underground Environment


QA Modular Parking

Modular Urban City Asset Megapack

Convenience Store (Modular Pack)

Mini Market Environment

Next Gen Modular City V2 50 off

Subway & Train Station

Modular Subway Tunnels

Train yard

Storage House

Storage House Set


Bathroom Pack Series 1

Kitchen Pack Series 1

Customizable Retro Kitchen

Public Restroom

Modular Victorian House


Modular Roads Pack


Military Base

City Park

Photoscanned model of City Park

New York City, This pack is for creating an urban environment, all objects are modular and optimized. This pack includes a scene with New York, as in the screenshots.


Stylized - Fragments

Submerged City Asset Pack - Water World Edition - Full package UE4 and FBX

Aurora Island

Animated Pond Fish

Stylized Modular Dungeon

Stylized Foliage Pack

Crumbling Ruins

Medieval Stylized Dungeon Pack

POLYGON - Dungeon Pack

Stylized Concept Nature Pack

Painted City

Rocky Environment

Stylized Japanese Modular Environment

Stylized Pixel Tower

Greenwood Fantasy Village

Lowpoly Style Ultra Pack

POLYGON - Nature Pack

POLYGON - Farm Pack

Assetsville Town

Landscape VOL 02

Rocky Environment

Stylized Village by Meshingun Studio

Stylized Forest (Trees)

Stylized Forest Pack

Stylized Forest

AleksandrIvanov’s Stylized Landscape

Stylized Lost Island

Stylized Lake

“Dead Canyon” Landscape

Green Island

Desert Mushroom Forest

Landscape Forest

Stylized forest VOL 2

Stylized Village

Landscape VOL 01


Ocean Floor Environment


Ultra Dynamic Sky

Cloudscape Seasons

Sky Pack: 25 Skies

Fantastic Skies

Space Skybox Collection 2


Modern Paintings Pack Vol. 1


Modular Convenience Store With Products


JUNK HEAVEN art assets


City Showcasing

“ArchViz” Explorer