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I haven’t bought assets as shown in following content, this article is just a note for Unreal assets classification, since classification in Unreal Marketplace isn’t granular enough.

Creating Snow Trails in Unreal Engine 4

Dynamic Mesh Painting in Unreal Engine 4

Custom Depth in Unreal Engine 4

Free Giveaways + Introduction + Patreon

UE4: Animated Raindrops Material

UE4 Tutorial: Fire Effect (UV Animation)

Material Functions Kit

Landscape & Terrain

GOTREN: Landscape Auto Material

Unreal Engine 4 -Landscape Layer Blend with Variation

UE4 Auto Landscape Master Materials - V2

MW Landscape Material

MW Auto Material

Wild Environment

Environment Prop Master Materials for UE4 - V2


Dynamic Grass System

Creating Interactive Grass in Unreal Engine 4

Field Grass Package Vol. 1

[FREE] Advanced Cinematic Grass Blueprint with 3D Imposter Sprite foliage

Realistic Grass Pack

Pro Grass


Stylized Rock Pack

Dynamic Materials

Circular Progress Bar

UE4 Tutorial - Circular (Ring-style) Health Bars

Dynamic Circular Progress Bars ( UE4 )

UE4 Tutorial Radial Progress Bar

How to Make Circular Progress Bar?

Matt Parkin: UE4 - Custom Shaped Health Bar!

Sci-Fi Style

Unreal 4 Holographic Shader Tutorial (SciFi scene)- Part 2

Recreated: Winston’s Shield in Unreal Engine 4

unreal 4 dissolve shader effect

Sci-Fi Interactive Shields

An Unreal Engine 4 recreation of Winston’s shield from the game Overwatch.

Magical Style

Setting up a ghost material in UE4 (university blog)

Disintegration Effect + Noise Textures for Unreal Engine 4

UE4 Portal Material

Planar Dissolve Effect - Material Tutorial - (Unreal Engine 4)

Dragon’s Breath Glass Shader


Realistic Materials Pack 2

Home Decoration

Pro Materials Interiors

Singapore Condominium


ArchViz Data Center Mega Pack

UV Animation

UE4 Tutorial: Fire Effect

Sky Sphere / Sky Box

Ultra Dynamic Sky

Space Skybox Collection 1

Procedural Northern Lights



Star Creator

Planet Creator 1

Planet Creator 2

Precomputed Atmosphere

Planet Surface

Post Process Planetary Atmosphere

Cartoon & Stylized

Custom Shader

Magma Land - Stylized material collection.


Jiffycrew Post Process Line

Cartoon Rendering Pack V2

Abstract Stylized pack of 27 Materials

Cartoon Water Shader

Surface Trails (with Snow Deformation example)

Advanced Cel Shader Lighting Model

ABC’s Cel/Toon Shader V2


Stylized Alien Material Pack


All Platform Outline Pack


Survivor Vision - Advanced Outline, Fill and Tagging System


Aquatic Surface

Reactive Water

Waterstamp - Water Decals

Shader Delta/Ocean

Mobile Water Material

Waterstamp - Water Decals

Ocean Waves Normals

Customizable Water Master-Material (Vertex Paintable)


UE4 Tutorial - Local Volumetric Fog 1/3 - Basics - Unreal Engine 4


How to Build Cracked Ice in Material Editor

Nature Materials Ice

Ice Cool


Real Liquid X - Liquid Material & Blueprint


Clouds Lighting System

Landscape & Terrain Tools

Custom Terrain Blending Tool for UE4

UE4 Auto Landscape Master Materials

Landscape Auto Material

Landscape Pro 2.0 Auto-Generated Material

Alpine Landscape Mat Tessellation

Dynamic & Procedural

Advanced Procedural Landscape Material

High Quality Zombie 01 - Dynamic Material

Houdini For UE4

Building Transmutator in Unreal and Houdini

UE4 Material Tutorials

UE4 Material Optimization

Shader Performance Optimization - UE4 Materials 101 - Episode 7

UE4 Material Examples

UE4 Master Materials(for beginner)

UE4 Ocean Material

UE4 VFX Ocean Material Tutorial

UE4 Glass Shaders

Glass Shaders ( An Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial)

Advanced UE4 Shaders

UE4 Material Books

Unreal Engine 4 Shaders and Effects Cookbook
Unreal Engine 4 Shaders and Effects Cookbook Sources

UE4 Foliage Material

Setting Up Light-Adaptive Foliage in UE4

AAA production

Advanced UE4 Shaders