keywords: [UE4]Assertions

  1. Reporting errors and halting execution.
    • check(): like assert() in C, can be disabled by DO_CHECK 0
    • verify(): like check(), but the expression is still executed on DO_CHECK 0 (e.g. for variable assignments)

      disadvantage: halts program execution (application ends, Editor users can loose unsaved work).
      when to use: catch fatal errors

  2. Reporting errors and halting execution exclusively in debug builds.
    • checkSlow(), checkfSlow(), verifySlow() (see (1))

      difference to (1): they are only active in debug builds (when DO_GUARD_SLOW 1)

  3. Reporting errors (and do not halt the execution).
    • ensure(): like check(), but the program execution can be continued after the break

      when to use: to get informed about unexpected state.
      useful when you want runtime code verification but you’re handling the error case anyway