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The StarCraft BroodWar Resource for custom AIs

How does StarCraft II’s pathfinding algorithm work?

pathing 6 - flocking


The StarCraft path-finding hack

A* navigational mesh path finding


Artificial Intelligence In Racing Games


A Q-Learning Algorithm for Adversarial Real-Time Strategy Games

StarCraft Unit Motion: Analysis and Search Enhancements

MCTS library for unit movement planning in real-time strategy game Starcraft

An Analysis on the Rush Strategies of the Real-Time Strategy Game StarCraft-II

Identifying the Rush Strategies in the Game Logs of the Real-Time Strategy Game StarCraft-II

A Survey of Real-Time Strategy Game AI Research and Competition in StarCraft

an evolutionary algorithm approach for a real time strategy game

Selecting Robust Strategies in RTS Games via Concurrent Plan Augmentation

The Current State of StarCraft AI Competitions and Bots

On Design of an Effective AI Agent for StarCraft

Papers - Hierarchical Task-Network

Adversarial Hierarchical-Task Network Planning for Complex Real-Time Games.

Modified Adversarial Hierarchical Task Network Planning in Real-Time Strategy Games.

Transfer Learning of Hierarchical Task-Network Planning Methods in a Real-Time Strategy Game.


UAlbertaBot - StarCraft AI Competition Bot - David Churchill

CommandCenter is written in C++ using BWAPI and Blizzard’s StarCraft II AI API.

Implementation of flocking behavior AI developed in Unreal Engine 4 (Recommended)

Fish AI for UE4

A flock behaviour implementation.

The artificial intelligence code accompanying the book “Artificial Intelligence for Games”

A fish flock AI plugin for Unreal Engine 4

The StarCraft II API Has Arrived

Brood War API