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How to exclude objects from Cull Distance Volume

Select objects in World Outline (not the window when open (double click) objects in Content Browser, but the Detail panel in Level Editor), check Show All Advanced Details, LOD -> uncheck Allow Cull Distance Volume.

Distance layer settings in common
Possible causes of Cull Distance Volume not working
  1. Enabled of Cull Distance Volume was unchecked.
  2. Size of cull distance is smaller than size of objects.
  3. Bug of Editor: this issus occurs after upgrading engine version, you'd better new a empty level if you upgraded engine. And you'd better do testing at run-time, or in editor, `Cull Distance Volume` sometimes not works in editor.
  4. Cull Distance Volumes doesn’t handle movable objects. Only these with their Mobility set to Static.
  5. Allow Cull Distance Volumes was disabled in objects Details panel in Level Editor.

Cull Distance Not Working?