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  • Use Full Precision
    The Material Editor contains a section called Mobile, which has two properties: Use Full Precision and Use Lightmap Directionality. These are intended for mobile devices and to save performance. By default, Unreal will use less-precise math in order to save on memory and computation time. When enabled, the Use Full Precision property will use the highest precision available on a mobile device. This will solve certain rendering issues at the cost of being more expensive to use. Generally, you’ll leave this property disabled unless you notice issues with how the material looks.

  • Use Lightmap Directionality
    Use Lightmap Directionality, has an effect that is very apparent when using a normal map. Basically, it will use the lightmap to show the light at the top of the normal map and shadows at the bottom. You’ll need to Build the project in order to see the lightmap information being used. If disabled, lighting from lightmaps will be flat but cheaper.

  • Fully Rough
    The Material section contains the Fully Rough property that, when enabled, will ignore the Roughness channel and instead force the material to be completely rough. This will save a number of instructions for optimization’s sake and reduce one texture sampler.

  • High Quality Reflections
    The Forward Shading section contains the High Quality Reflections property which, when disabled, can increase the number of texture samples you can use by two. Turning this off will remove them to instead be used for cubemaps to display reflections.

While some of these properties will have less quality than the traditional fully-formed material, the settings can reduce the number of instructions on the vertex shader and the Texture samplers used, which you can see from the Stats toolbar from the Material Editor.

Quoted from [Unreal Engine 4 Shaders and Effects Cookbook] Chapter 8 Mobile Shaders and Material Optimization


1, Dithered LOD Transitions support on Mobile, but it would increase rendering overhead.


1, Disable HDR on mobile if frame rate is low, otherwise image would be blur when camera transforming. But Lighting effect would lose violently if HRD disabled.



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