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Fragmented Notes

How to change font color

Markdown has no syntax for adjusting font color, you can add nested HTML, but it’s unsafe.

<font color=red>ABC</font> 
<font color=#0099ff size=7 face="YaHei">DEF</font> 

You can add little highlighted warnings and notes with just a little HTML embedded in your markdown document:

<aside class="notice">
You must replace meowmeowmeow with your personal API key.

Use class="notice" for blue notes, class="warning" for red warnings, and class="success" for green notes.

How to draw checkbox or tick mark

You can use emojis

Done?   | Name
:---:   | ---
⬜️      | Nope
✅      | Yep

How to draw checkbox or tick mark in GitHub Markdown table?

Other Check Mark:

✔️ Check
☑ Check Box With Check
❌ Cross Mark
➗ Division Sign
❗ Exclamation Mark
➖ Minus Sign
✖ Multiplication Sign
➕ Plus Sign
👌 OK Hand
🔘 Radio Button
🆗 OK Button
✅ Check Mark Button


[click on this link](#my-multi-word-header)

### My Multi Word Header

Note: just one # for all heading sizes, no space between # and anchor name, anchor tag names must be lowercase, and delimited by dashes if multi-word.

How to link to part of the same document in Markdown?


Example code:
> **Warning** This project is still under development


Warning This project is still under development



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